Statement of Philosophy


I wholeheartedly believe that we as a society, have forgotten how good we can truly feel.

The general sentiment of “I don’t really feel bad right now,” or “I don’t think anything is wrong with my health,” has become a reason and obstacle to not dig deeper. As a result, many of us move forward in life surviving instead of thriving. I have heard countless patients tell me that they don’t think anything is wrong and they feel “fine,” only to address just the foundational pieces of their health and realizing, “Whoa. I never knew I COULD feel this good.” That right there – that feeling of realizing and remembering how good your health can really be, is what I strive to help my patients achieve every day. I truly believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to feel the way they want to feel, and live life exactly how they want to, for as long as possible. Accordingly, my goal has always been focused towards facilitating this process for as many people as I can. Whether that involves being a weekend warrior and competing in marathons until the age of 76, or playing in the backyard with grandchildren, or just moving throughout the day without pain,  the aim is to provide the knowledge and resources needed for others to achieve the health that is required to live the life that is desired. This is why I do what I do.

While working with some of the most successful health providers, I obtained decades of
knowledge and experience condensed and streamlined into a handful of years. There were a handful of consistent ideas and concepts that emerged among most of my mentors, and the distillation of these concepts into a unified approach, while adding what I felt was missing, is what I have strived to provide in my own work.

The basis of my approach with patients is quite simple; it is built upon a few simple concepts and principles which guide how I help my patients heal. Simplified into a short list, they are as follows:


Establish the foundations of health, building a daily practice of healthy behaviors that address the fundamental aspects of creating physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual health. This not only treats most disease, but also builds the foundation to prevent any further illnesses.


Address the root cause of the problem, find what truly needs to be healed, and identify and remove the obstacles that lay in the way of healing.


Use the lowest force of intervention possible, and in turn, avoid unnecessary harm through excessive medical treatments.


Educate the patient on understanding their own mind-body complex better than anyone else, and provide the resources and tools to be able to address as much as possible by themselves.


Trust the body’s inherent intelligence to heal, guiding the journey of health instead of dictating it.


As needed to supplement and support the above processes, use cutting-edge science and technology to treat whatever needs to be treated specifically, effectively and efficiently.

Healing is a journey that is dictated by the patient undertaking it, not by the doctor.

The doctor simply acts as a guide providing the necessary knowledge for the healing process. So, whether you are struggling with pain, metabolism issues, digestive troubles, autoimmune disease, environmental toxicity, or just looking to optimize your performance, find yourself a guide that believes in your ability to heal even more than you do.

Be well,

Dr. Ashok Bhandari

“Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is essentially your own.” 

– Bruce Lee



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dr. ashok bhandari

dr. ashok bhandari